A slow-paced point-and-click adventure game without language. With original soundtrack, personally crafted models and textures and brilliant voice-acting, Unlit is completely a one-of-a-kind experience.

Once upon a time, not too long ago, there lived an old lady with her husband in a large, but quite humble mansion. One night, which started like many others, the old couple went to sleep after having a cup of green tea. That night, the old lady woke up to find her husband gone. All he left behind were his camera and a lantern.


Where could he go to at this time of night? And why?


Our elderly friend decides to go look for him, accompanied by her ever-loyal and smarter-than-average cat companion. Join this little old lady in her quest to find her lost husband, and you might unravel the secrets that lie beneath the mansion.



We are a team of 5 students from all over the world who met in college and share the same dream of developing games. Our aim is to create our own studio and compete in the market. We started working on Unlit for a college project, and realized in the first design meeting we want to make it a full-fledged game.

It has been a year since then, and the game has gone through countless changes, remakes and rewrites all to make you have the best experience possible. We learned almost everything we know now by making this game, and we are extremely excited to see the alpha finally going live. We are planning on completing the development of the full game soon, and hopefully starting working on the next game soon afterwards.

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Our Team

Rodrigo Barrera - Artist/Texture Designer, from El-Salvador

Awan Daniel - Sound Designer and would-be 3D Designer, from India

Joe Roechow - 3D Designer, from Germany

Jonathan Ratzkovsky - Programmer, from Israel

Berk Unal - 3D Designer/Animator, from Turkey

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