Our Team

Rodrigo Barrera - Artist/Texture Designer, from El-Salvador

Awan Daniel - Sound Designer and would-be 3D Designer, from India

Joe Roechow - 3D Designer, from Germany

Jonathan Ratzkovsky - Programmer, from Israel

Berk Unal - 3D Designer/Animator, from Turkey

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Press Kit

Quick Facts

Unlit is a group project made by students in Vilnius Business College.

Unlit’s release date on Steam is set on November 25th.

It is available on WindowsOS at 11.99$ US.

More information at

Game Introduction

In Unlit, your goal is to explore a dark mansion and the underground mines underneath it and find your way out. You’ll need to solve puzzles, open locks, and look for clues and items to help you.


About Us

The Unlit development team is comprised of 5 core members, all students at VBC, who created the game at first as a project for college. The game has developed since then and team has decided to publish it.


Rodrigo Barrera - Texture artist, concept artist.

Awan Daniel - SFX designer.

Jonathan Ratzkovsky - Programmer, UI design.

Joe Roechow - 3D artist.

Berk Unal - 3D artist, animator.

Original soundtrack by Amit Rosenblum.


We give permission to use all of the content presented here for commercial use.